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Fish Bowl

fish bowl

Fish Bowl – How to Provide the Best Care for it

Fish bowls are cheap to maintain and do not occupy much space. This is probably the reason why many pet lovers who have limited space to accommodate fish tanks usually prefer to have a fishbowl. There are various choices that you can choose from when it comes to decorating your fish’s home. You can go for the bright decorations or a more laid-back look.

Setting up a fish bowl

A fishbowl, unlike a fish tank, has no filtration, heat or an aeration system. The size of a fish bowl depends on what will be more convenient to you and your fish. You will require a water conditioner which will assist in the removal of chlorine and other water contaminants from the bowl water. Finding the best water conditioner in your area will depend on the level of chlorine found in the water you use.

You can cover the bottom of your bowl with gravel or marbles to provide a base for your fish bowl. You can add decorative plastics to give the bowl a more interesting look, this is because live plants are not recommended for fish bowls.

Cleaning the bowl involves washing it with warm water and salt that is not iodized. You should not use any soap or bleach because they may leave a harmful residue which might affect the fish. You can also wash the marbles and gravel by getting rid of all the excess dust and color. You can now place the marbles or gravel at the bottom of the fish bowl then add room temperature water containing the correct amount of conditioner. It is advised that you let the water sit for at least one hour before putting in the fish.

Taking care of the fish bowl

A fish bowl has no heater so the water temperature is usually that of the room. This means that you should not put the bowl near a window with direct sunlight because the water might heat up very quickly and be harmful to the fish. Always choose fish the right size of fish that will not be too big for the bowl. You want your fish to swim freely without having to struggle to get enough water for air.

Fish bowl water should be changed regularly at least once a week because the fish waste is not processed like that in an aquarium. The water should always appear crystal clear and should be changed when you notice waste accumulating at the base of the bowl.

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