Discus Fin Rot

Discus Fin Rot

Discus Fin Rot – How to Treat and Prevent It

Discus fin rot happens to be a condition that generally results either due to the Vibrio, Pseudomonas or Aeromonas bacteria. While these can be prevented comparatively easily, it can be tough to treat fin rot once it sets in – especially when the case has worsened. If left without being treated, fin rot can ultimately lead to the destruction of the ailing discus fish. It may also infect other fishes in the aquarium. Most of the methods for preventing fin rot happen to be the same preliminary steps that are used for the treatment of fishes that are diseased.

Aquarium maintenance:
Maintaining the aquarium in a proper way is one of the best ways to avoid fin rot in discus fishes. You have to regularly change the water, vacuum the gravel and check the chemistry of water by testing it regularly and noting down the results. It will let you quickly observe changes in water chemistry that happen over a period. You can get the opportunity to fix the issues before they get acute.

Avoid overcrowding of tank
Take care that the tank is not crowded beyond capacity, and check whether the fishes are fighting between themselves. If they are, the fins might get damaged. When you choose tank mates for your discus fishes, take care that the mates do not have flowing long fins. This is because fin-nipping makes fishes more prone to fin rot problems. It is also essential to note that the temperature of the water must be sufficiently warm for fishes that are long-finned, given the fact that low water temperature promotes the rotting of a fin in such species.

Feed moderately
While feeding the fishes, you need to keep the amount low. Only feed as much food to the fishes as they can consume in around 3 minutes, two times every day. Overfeeding happens to be the commonest mistake that every fish owner commits sometime or the other. Feeding too much can make the quality of aquarium water drop, thus fostering the growth of bacteria. You need to buy Discus food only in containers of small sizes, which can be used up in a month or two.

Fin Rot Treatments
Medication such as Melafix and Aquarisol can be added in the aquarium water to kill the bacteria that causes fin rot.

Medications such as Tetracycline, Oxytetracycline, malachite green, methylene blue, and Chloramphenicol are also used to treat fin rot.

Another medication used to treat Fin Rot is Melafix.

Make sure to use all medications as directed as they can be very stressful and deadly to your fish if not used correctly.

In case you doubt that your discus fish is sick and ailing, immediately call your vet. For questions related to health, always have a consultation with your vet. This is because your vet has examined your fish, knows the health history of your pet and can make the best possible recommendations for it.

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