5 Best Discus Foods in 2020 – Guide and Reviews

Top Discus Food for 2020-A Comprehensive Guide

Discus fish is one of the most demanded tank or aquarium fishes, owing to their colorful and beautiful appearance. You have always wanted to keep a discus fish but what next? Wishing to keep a fish is entirely different from actually keeping it. Especially for a discus fish, a higher level of care is demanded. Diet is one of the most important areas. In order to keep your fish active, energetic, healthy and happy, you need to feed it with the right food.

Discus Fish Diet

Confused about the right food to choose for your discus fish? You need not worry. We are providing you with flexible options in the form of 5 best food for discus fish. These foods include both the raw as well as ready-made options, you can easily shop at a store or buy online from amazon.

In order to opt for the right kind of food for your discus fish, you need to first understand the feeding nature of your fish. A discus fish is ‘carnivorous’ in nature, implying that it feeds on other animals.

Keeping carnivorous nature in consideration, the following section describes the 5 best food for discus fish:

5 best food for discus fish

1. Dry Food Option

Among the 5 best food for discus fish, dry food is one of the best options. These foods provide your discus fish with all the essential nutrients it needs. There are two options in dry food;

Fish Flakes

These are one of the best options for your discus feed, providing a number of health benefits. Flake food has an attractive appearance, easily digestible and enhances the immune functioning of your discus fish. Best flake foods include high-protein flake foods and high-protein beef heart flakes.

Fish Pellets/ Discus Pellets

You can find a variety of pellet food options in the market. These come in different shapes, sizes and sinking ability. However, you need to make sure to provide your fish with its favorite pellet feed. Discus pellets are a highly beneficial food option.

Dry Food Option for Discus Fish at Amazon:

  • Ocean Nutrition Discus Flakes (2.5 oz) 

Sachem Nutri diet

Key Benefits: A highly attractive, palatable and easily digestible Gourmet Diet. Rich in protein content, does not cloud tank water, strengthens coloration and fish health.

  • Sera Discus Granules (4.1 oz) 

Sera Discus Granules
Key Benefits: These are rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and natural color enhancers such as beta carotene. These also strengthen the immune system of your fish and do not pollute the tank.
However, a diet totally dependent on dry food is not sufficient for the optimum health of your discus fish. You will need to make sure, you supplement the dry fish food with live foods as well.

2. Frozen Worms Option

The second best choice among the 5 best food for discus fish is feeding your discus fish with frozen worms. Make sure you avoid feeding them with live worms in order to avoid any parasites getting ingested. You may choose among a variety of frozen worms, such as;

Blood Worms

These are especially rich in proteins and healthy for your discus fish. Make sure you do not entirely feed the fish with blood worms.

Black Worms

These should be fed in the right quantities, not overfed.

Tubifex Worms

This is a highly nutritious diet option, ideal for your cold water or tropical fishes.

White worms

This is another popular protein-rich option, especially good for picky discus.

In addition to worms, black mosquito and white mosquito larvae are another good frozen feed option.

Frozen Worms Option for Discus Fish at Amazon:

  • SAN FRANCISCO BAY Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms (1.75 oz) 

SAN FRANCISCO BAY Brand Freeze Dried Bloodworms

Key Benefits: Crude protein minimum 51.66%, Crude ash maximum 19.5%, Crude fat minimum 2.0%, Crude fiber maximum 5.37% and Moisture maximum 10.7%

3. Brine Shrimps Option

Brine shrimps are rich in both minerals and vitamins. You can either feed your discus fish with frozen brine shrimps or live ones. However, you will need to wash the brine shrimps properly in order to remove any salt on them. Also, defrost the brine shrimp before giving it to the discus fish. An additional benefit of feeding brine shrimps is the strengthening of coloration on the discus fish body. This is because brine shrimps contain beta carotene.

  • Brine Shrimps Option for Discus Fish at Amazon:

Seachem NutriDiet Discus Flakes (100g/3.5 oz) 


Sachem Nutri diet

Key Benefits: Ideal for a balanced diet, consisting of a combination of earthworms, fish and shrimps. Good for cleaner tank maintenance.

4. Meaty Food Option

One of the healthiest feeding options for a discus fish is beef or cow heart. However, you will be required to clean the fish tank regularly and properly. This is because any leftovers in the tank would pollute the atmosphere over time. Feeding beef heart correctly regulated amounts could be highly beneficial for your discus fish health. It is especially beneficial during the growth period. Some other meaty options include chicken, turkey and beef.

Meaty Food Option for Discus Fish at Amazon:

  • Aquatic Foods Inc. AFZ Beef Heart Flakes, Zeigler Flakes for Discus, Cichlids, All Tropicals (1/2lb)

Key Benefits: An all-purpose diet, enhancing immune function and growth of your tropical fish. Reduced waste production and cleaner tank.

5. Mixed Feed Option

Foods rich in vitamins should be a part of your discus fish diet. These vitamins help to regulate the proper functioning of the immune, digestive and reproductive systems of your fish.  The best options include vegetables, algae, and crustaceans. Vegetables may include; peas, cabbage, red peppers, and carrots. The mixed feed may also include a combination of any of the other four food options.

Dry Food Option for Discus Fish at Amazon:

  • Cobalt Aquatics Discus Hans Flake (16 oz) 

Key Benefits: A mixture of high-quality salmon fish meal, garlic powder, dried Spirulina and dried earthworm powder. This combination is ideal to keep the discus fish healthy both outside (strong coloration) and inside (body systems). It also includes cobalt’s Blue flakes, aiding to enhance the immune and digestive functioning. The bacillus sp. Bacteria as probiotic also supports digestive functioning. Last but not the least, this diet helps to keep the aquarium cleaner.

Some Additional Tips

To ensure a good and healthy diet of your discus fish, you need to take into account the following important tips:

  • Do not overfeed your fish. This may lead to fish obesity, causing health problems, in addition to dirtying up the fish tank. A good criterion of feeding is to provide your fish with food that is 3% of their body weight.

Discus Fish Food = Body Weight/100 x 3

  • Make sure, you regularly clean the fish tank and remove any food leftovers.
  • Remove the food after 15 minutes, if it has not been consumed.
  • Live food should be administered as clumps, while frozen food and flakes should be sprinkled onto the water surface.
  • Your fish required a good proportion of nutrients in their feed. Make sure you provide proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins in correct proportions. Discus fish may require 50% protein-based feed during their growth time. However, upon maturation, you will need to provide only 35 to 40% of proteins per meal.

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